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We're glad to have you with us. We want to help you reach your goals as soon as possible. 

Please review this page. It has some info and links that will help you.

PlanSeek, Inc., is a California Corporation.  We are in the business of Medicare Insurance. We (1) help members/clients enroll into Medicare health plans; (2) help IPAs and medical groups understand and improve their Medicare compensation. 

Although we are based in Fresno, CA, PlanSeek is growing nationwide. Ask us about how you can sell nationwide from your home state!

PlanSeek works with JAR Insurance as its upline. Therefore some paperwork will have the JAR name on it. All commissions are direct deposits either from our bank accounts or the health carriers' bank accounts. Marketing material, business cards, and email will primarily have PlanSeek logos.  You are, in essence, a PlanSeek agent.


Below are some links that you will need.  

Steps To Becoming A
PlanSeek Agent
AHIP & Health Carriers
Enrollment Kit Order

Enrollment Kits

Veronica Martinez

(562) 860-6349 x 1003

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PlanSeek /
JAR Contact Info

Client Enrollment Questions

Perla Delgado

(562) 860-6349 x 1010

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Commission Questions

Laura Reyes

(562) 860-6349 x 1005

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Credentialing Questions

Maricela Ponce

(562) 860-6349 x 1006

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Event & Marketing Questions

Veronica Martinez

(562) 860-6349 x 1003

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