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We're Disrupting the Traditional Agency Model

Unlike other agencies, PlanSeek helps you get competitive advantage by obtaining the most up-to-date science-based Medicare data to help you reach your goals. Read about PlanSeek Insights below.

Unlike other agencies, who rely on being local to your market to help you grow your clinics, PlanSeek relies on digital technology to search for opportunities nationwide. We obtain data and help you interpret it so that you can see how your clinic is being compensated, and how it can improve.

Unlike other agencies, PlanSeek is the product of current digital technology. We can help you identify prospects, present (CMS and HIPAA compliant) Medicare health plans, and even enroll prospects without having to physically meet them.

Unlike other agencies, PlanSeek relies on digital technology to provide our agents with real-time info about PCPs, specialists, medical networks, hospitals, ancillary services, and local information to properly guide prospects. 


PlanSeek Insights

Let digital technology help you reach your recruitment & growth goals

  • The latest data from trusted and reliable sources

  • Total annual billings and amounts collected from CMS

  • Total Medicare Fee-for-Service (MFFS) patient count

  • Total Medicare & Medicaid patient count 

  • Medicare fee-for-service Per Patient / Per Month 

  • Total patient population by gender, age ranges and ethnicities

  • Breakdown of total patient health conditions

  • Average HCC Risk Scores of patients

Our data sources include:

Network Analysis

We analyze existing or new networks to identify physicians with the greatest potential for growth

Geographical Searches

Tell us the type of physician you are looking for and we'll find them for you

Target List Recommendations

Tell us who your ideal candidates are and we'll create a curated list of leads with the highest potential to meet your business goals

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