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I'm Steve Garcia, President and Co-Founder of PlanSeek, Inc. I've been a health insurance agent for over twenty years. So I know what you go through as an agent trying to reach your goals.  

I co-founded PlanSeek because I was tired of the promises made to me by prior agencies that weren't kept. From charging me for things I never knew about, to outright keeping my commissions and not paying me. I've seen it all.


I wanted to make a home for agents. A home where they could feel as if they weren't being taken advantage of. A home that would support them and help them achieve their goals. 

PlanSeek was born to meet those needs. And to make it even better we're a technology-focused company.  We're aiming to help change the way the Medicare system operates. 


Come work with us. We want to help you reach your goals, not just ours. 


Steve Garcia

President, PlanSeek, Inc.   


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